Pemanfaatan Trichoderma sp. sebagai Bioaktivator dalam Pengomposan Lumpur Bubur Kertas

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Desri Hastuti


The pulp sludge is a by-product which is generated from the pulp and paper industry. This pulp sludge can utilized for agricultural activity by converting it into compost. The duration of the composting process can be accelerated with Trichoderma sp. As bioactivator. Therefore, the purose of this study was to determine the effect of Trichoderma sp. in composting pulp sludge. The composting process was conducted using the windrow method. The parameters which were observed consisted of temperature, pH value, total organic carbon, total nitrogen and C/N ratio. The results showed that all observation parameters did not differ significantly between bioactivator and control. Obviously, compost of pulp sludge in both bioactivator and control matured within 35 days of composting. This study concluded that the appropriate composting environment could increase the development of natural microorganisms so that the process of degradation of organic matter could be run optimally.

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